Super Bowl Foods That Won’t Ruin Your Teeth

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A Super Bowl party is not complete without a vast array of food. There will be wings, beer, pizza, soda, and all other kinds of food that can do a number on your teeth. But there are also party-worthy foods that won’t be so unkind to your smile. Here are a few foods to bring to the party that Dr. Brown would approve of:

  1. Cheese: Not only is cheese rich in calcium and protein, both very good for your teeth, it also has been proven to lower acid levels in the oral environment, thus reducing the risk of tooth decay. If you’re going to eat crackers, which are not so great for your teeth, have some cheddar or other hard cheese to go along with them.


  1. Celery: If you’re going to have chicken wings, make sure you have some celery afterward. Not only will it provide relief from spiciness, its fibers scrape away food particles and bacteria from your teeth.


  1. Carrots: Packed with Vitamin A and fiber, Carrots are very good for your teeth. Additionally, their crunchiness requires an increased amount of chewing. This in turn increases saliva production, which cleans your teeth.


  1. Red Meat: This one may come as a surprise. When you think of red meat, healthy teeth may not be the first thing that springs to mind. But red meat is rich with phosphorus, essential for building enamel, and arginine, which hinders plaque formation. Go ahead, have a steak!


  1. Almonds: Rich with both calcium and phosphorus, almonds can help strengthen teeth and even rebuild enamel. If you’re having a beer or two, counterbalance it with a handful or two of almonds.


  1. Apples: This one is obvious, but still worth a mention. Apples’ crunchiness, nutrients, and high water content make them a perfect snack for keeping your teeth strong and clean. And who doesn’t like a fruit tray?


Whether or not you care about the two teams that make it to the big game, chances are you’ll be watching it, enjoying the evening with your friends, family, and neighbors. Enjoy whatever foods you want in moderation, but make sure to include some foods like the ones above to keep your smile healthy.