Cosmetic Dentistry

Looking to improve your smile? Cosmetic dentistry can help bring you confidence through an impeccable smile. Whether you are looking for a simple whitening treatment or complex implants, cosmetic dentistry can work with your lifestyle.

Whitening is a fun and simple treatment that can brighten your teeth by remove stains and discoloration.  This is an easy treatment that can fit all lifestyle. If you are looking for a totally brighter smile making an appointment with Carolina’s Dental Choice is a must. But if you are looking for a simple and affordable method to brighten your smile, using a whitening toothpaste or whitening stripes could be useful.

Another great way to build confidence in your smile, is with veneers. Veneers allow a dentist to enhance the structure of your teeth. This can be with correcting the color, length, or size of a tooth. Veneers are made in porcelain and are permanently bonded to the natural tooth. This procedure can be lengthy or can require little to no preparation. The shorter experiences are done with minimally prepped veneers. This is a great cosmetic option for a variety of lifestyles.

A great cosmetic dentistry option to enhance your smile, is crowns. Crowns are much like veneers, by enhancing the appearance of misshaped or discolored teeth. The cosmetic dental crown covers the teeth by cupping over and encasing the entire surface of the tooth.  This procedure is commonly used to enhance the smile of those in a professional lifestyles.

Overall, cosmetic dentistry is a great option for anyone looking to build confidence in their smile. Whether you have plenty of time or are on a schedule cosmetic dentistry has a procedure that works with all lifestyle. Those looking for a quick process should consider whitening options or minimally prepped veneers. Whichever procedure is right for your lifestyle Carolina’s Dental Choice can help.