Benita Watts, Carolinas Dental Choice


Wow, 30 Years! That’s the usual response when people find out how long Benita Watts has been working at Carolina’s Dental Choice in MonroeBenita has over 3 decades of experience and tenure at Carolina’s Dental Choice.  She has seen Carolina’s Dental Choice way before that was the name. She has seen several different owners and numerous interior designs.


Benita Watts is the Administrative Manager at Carolina’s Dental Choice in Monroe, North Carolina. She was born and raised in North Carolina where she is a Union County Native. Benita has two children and four grandchildren. When she isn’t working in the office she loves to spend time with her family. 30 years ago, prior to entering the dental community she never pictured herself working at a dental practice but now she could not picture it any other way! Benita was looking for a career that she could truly feel passionate about. She never thought about her current position but considers it fate when her friend offered her the position. The position was an opportunity she could not resist.  Benita brags that from day-one her work has included friendly faces and a steady work schedule – her description of the ideal job!


Benita and her colleague and close friend, Regina Martin, have been at the dental office for quiet sometime. They have seen the many changes as the practice has morphed from new owners and new employees to new interior designs and new dental equipment. Recently the office was totally revamped with new people, new designs, and new equipment. Dr. Brown and his wife Missy purchased the office in early 2016.  They infused the office with a new energy and a renewed dedication to excellence for their patients.  What a new adventure! The office was completely remodeled and new equipment was installed. Benita said, it was a big adjustment but she loves working for Dr. Brown. Her favorite new equipment was the fancy 3D Head Scanner. In the small town of Monroe, the dental office makeover was the talk of the town. Everyone was interested to see the office makeover and see the new equipment.


Even after 30 years, Benita is still in love with her job!  She has been there for such a long time that working in the dental community has become a second family. She is dedicated and passionate about helping patients. Her experience and knowledge of working with patients is extraordinary and makes her a sought after employee in the dental community. She is a veteran at making patients feel welcomed and informed.  Sometimes patients get nervous about a visit to the dentist office but as soon as they encounter Benita they know they are in good hands.  Fortunately, Benita has no plans for a career change or retirement so the good people of Monroe will be able to count on seeing her at Carolina’s Dental Choice for years to come.